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Re: Working at an Enhanced Option School in Nashville?!?!
ESL job interested

    Please list school districts hiring for ESL in Tennessee. Thanks, James

    On 5/25/08, ME wrote:
    > Please send me your e-mailed I am interested in teaching ESL
    > and I know there are many vacancies.
    > Thank you,
    > ME
    > On 5/24/08, Metro teacher wrote:
    >> Hi Kell,
    >> I actually taught in an enhanced option school. They are
    >> almost all inner city where you will be working with at-risk
    >> children. I would not recommend beginning your career in
    >> Metro at an enhanced option school. There are plenty of
    >> Title I schools that are in safer areas where you can still
    >> help at-risk kids. Teaching ELL in Metro is also a
    > wonderful
    >> experience (you don't have to be certified in ELL to teach
    > as
    >> long as you get the certification within 2 years.) I have
    >> taught in Metro for 4 years now and by FAR teaching English
    >> language learners has been the best experience of my
    > teaching
    >> career. Feel free to e-mail if you need more help/have more
    >> questions. Also I would advise you to call HR over and over
    >> again and ask for Julie Fulcher; she has helped me to get
    >> just about every job I've had in Metro. Best of luck!
    >> On 4/08/08, kellmarie wrote:
    >>> Hi everyone,
    >>> I'm hoping and planning to move to Tennessee this summer
    >>> and I'm currently searching for teaching jobs. I've sent
    >>> my resume everywhere surrounding Nashville - I want to be
    >>> near the city, but not necessarily in it. Well I've
    >>> gotten a number of calls for interviews, and I've heard
    >>> mixed reviews on the schools that are part of MNPS. I got
    >>> a call for an interview with an enhanced option school in
    >>> Nashville...are these okay schools, bad schools, good
    >>> schools? Basically since I'm not currently there I'm
    >>> wondering if someone can tell me what they're like so I
    >>> know if I want to spend my time interviewing there.
    >>> Thanks in advance for your help!