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    Bethel University Online Masters
    Craig Lunn

    Hello all.
    My name is Craig Lunn and I would like to take this
    opportunity to tell you about Bethel University's MAEd
    online program. It is a 36 hour program that takes 14 to 18
    months to complete. 30 hours of it is 100% online and we
    provide you with a laptop and Ipod Touch that is yours to
    keep once you complete the program. The other 6 hours can
    be obtained one of two ways. During the course of the 18
    months, you may choose to go to either six 1 hour seminars
    or three 1 hour seminars and pick up another 3 hour
    elective class. These seminars are held in Nashville, Tn
    at our campus downtown. So, I would be glad to talk to any
    of you about our program. My cell number is 731-415-6649
    or you may email me at

    Craig Lunn
    Bethel University

    Bethel University

    Bethel University