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    Re: Relocating to Chattanooga


    Posted on 12/19/09
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    On 12/19/09, Carissa wrote:
    > I am relocating from Utah to Chattanooga, TN and need a
    > teaching job. I would not be able to start until the
    > 2010-2011 school year as I am finishing out my contract
    > here. As I look through the school districts websites, I am
    > concerned that there are no openings. I know that it is in
    > the middle of the school year, but in the past I have seen
    > openings at other times. Is Chattanooga in need of
    > teachers? Who do I contact to find a position? Any help
    > that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

    The market for teachers as I see it is flooded here. The budget
    cuts are not supporting much hiring. I know of many who have
    moved here and have trouble meeting the certification
    requirements when they come from another state. I know of many
    teachers who have been laid off. With the economy as it is, it
    would be best to hang on to any job you have right now.

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