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    Re: Special Education jobs in Eastern Tennessee?
    Jaime K

    On 2/08/10, nancy wrote:
    > On 2/06/10, Bruce wrote:
    >> I am starting to look for my wife! She basically told me
    >> if she could get a Special Ed. job in Eastern Tennesse, we
    >> wouldmove! She holds a Masters in Special Ed in about 3
    >> months! I think she is certified K-12! I don't understand
    >> all that certification stuff! Right now she is at the
    >> highschool level teaching! I hear a lot about teaching
    >> period in TN but not that much about Special Ed? Thank you
    >> for your input!
    > A few months back Rogersville, TN was seeking a special ed
    > teacher.

    Hamilton County (Chattanooga) is always looking for special ed!
    ANd the good thing is that since the city is linked to
    Interstate 75 and Interstate 24, you can live a ways w/o being
    too inconvenienced w/ distance.

    SHe needs to start NOW with getting her info to the state of TN
    (praxis scores, license, etc) b/c it takes like a month or so
    for them to register it. Also, she needs to go ahead and get the
    application started in the counties of interest b/c the spring is
    when principals start hiring for the fall and the teachers (in
    Hamilton County atleast) are bidding out to other schools,
    retiring, etc....