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    Re: Jackson and Johnson City?
    Info please.

    Thanks "NE TN Teacher." This is depressing, and hope that things
    get better soon. When I first graduated college in the early
    90s, there was a teacher "glut," not nothing like this.
    Fortunately, there will be a shift sometime. Best wishes in your

    On 7/19/10, NE TN Teacher wrote:
    > I relocated to the Johnson City/Tri-Cities area in 2008 and
    > have been searching for an elementary position since.
    I have
    > been subbing, volunteering and applying to every district
    > within an hour's radius from my home (7 counties and 5 city
    > districts) and have yet to find anything. I am hoping
    > land an assistant position this year just to get in the
    > schools more than as a sub - but I have been told that there
    > are people in Johnson City Schools with Masters degrees
    > working as assistants, so good luck with that. In this area
    > it is all in who you know. There are two colleges that
    > graduate teachers in the city, so there are a LOT of
    > applicants for each open position.