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    Re: Class Sizes in Blount, Sevier, Knox Counties?

    Ours have inched up a bit since last year. K has close to 20,
    3-5 has between 20 & 25. I believe it's state law here that
    they average under 25 in upper elementary, and primary grades
    is a bit lower. Does FL have something similar? With all the
    cost-cutting, they're trying not to add an extra classroom
    unless they HAVE to.

    On 8/21/10, SouthFLTeacher wrote:
    > How are the class sizes in East TN, specifically Blount,
    > Sevier, and Knox counties? I am particularly interested in
    > the elementary grades. Our K-2 classes are supposed to be
    > 18 and under, but I already have 21, and the kids are still
    > coming in. Our grades 3-5 are supposed to be 22 and under,
    > but that is not happening either. Thanks for the info!