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    Re: Singapore Math

    Yes, some schools in Granite School District in Salt Lake City are
    trying Singapore Math. A new school, Diamond Ridge Elem. is
    starting this year with this program. As far as I have heard they
    are very impressed as well. You may want to look up the District
    or that school.

    On 6/05/09, Bill wrote:
    > As best I know, some charter schools were using it and having
    > success. The state legislature education committee got
    > interested. After some presentations they allocated a sum of
    > money to be granted out to teachers/schools that would adopt
    > the program.
    > On 3/08/09, DD wrote:
    >> I heard that Utah had adopted the Singapore Math
    >> curriculum. Can anyone enlighten me as to how this came
    >> about (if it's true) and how it is working?
    >> I took an online workshop on Singapore fractions and was
    >> very impressed.
    >> Thanks