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Re: Help We Need Teachers!!!

    I read your entry and I am curious where you are located? I
    am currently in Utah and am looking for a Choral music
    position in the state, and have not had much luck. Please
    write back with more information. Melissa
    On 8/01/03, Anthony Sisti wrote:
    > Currently I looked up the positions that are available in
    > Gallup. There are 67 Elementary and Secondary positions
    > that are available. I am sure that if you would like to
    > teach a subject that is not listed on here and you have a
    > college education, I will probably be able to find a
    > position for you. Currently everyone, who has emailed me,
    > have been able to find a teaching postion for them. I have
    > had a 100&37; success rate for finding teachers jobs this
    > summer. However, only 8 people have emailed me. Only one
    > them has a teaching degree. Although, all of them are
    > extremely motivated to teach. All that it takes in order
    > teach in Gallup is to have a great attitude and a college
    > degree. I have great confidence that those who are going
    > to teach this year will make an impact in this community.
    > When I was young and my parents were teachers, I shook my
    > head and did not know why they wanted to become a teacher.
    > I just emailed a few people and I submitting a response on
    > why I wanted to become a teacher. I swore I would never
    > enter into that teaching field. Now, many years later, I
    > have joined the teaching profession and swear that I will
    > no longer join another occupation. There seems to be a
    > great intrinsic feeling when a child grasps a concept or
    > when you know that you have made a difference in the
    > It is amazing on how fast your actions could be
    > A teacher works with 180 different students a year. Those
    > 180 students interact with many more people throught a
    > year. If the actions of what you say can make a difference
    > in the kids that you teach immagine how a lifetime of
    > teaching can change the world.
    > Every one of these positions that I am listing below in
    > this email is available. Some of these positions are
    > more than once. They are listed more than once because
    > there are more than one of the same positions available.
    > you know of anyone who would like to teach in that
    > particular position, please let me know and I will email
    > them. Please send me your address in order for me to send
    > you an application. You can call me if you have any
    > possible questions. You can contact me at:
    > Or
    > (505) 722-8982
    > Anthony Sisti
    > Good Luck,
    > Anthony Sisti
    > Music/Art
    > 4th Grade
    > Kindergarten
    > Counselor
    > 5th Grade
    > Pre-School Special Educ., DD
    > Special Education
    > 6th Grade
    > 4th Grade
    > Special Education
    > 4th Grade
    > Music
    > Special Education
    > 4th Grade
    > 3rd Grade
    > Counselor
    > 1st Grade (2)
    > 4th Grade
    > P.E.
    > Music
    > Counselor
    > Pre-School DD
    > 2rd Grade
    > Pre-School
    > Reading
    > 4th/5th Combination
    > Secondary Positions
    > Language Arts (Title I)
    > Special Education
    > Navajo Language
    > Instructional Support Teacher
    > Instructional Support Teacher
    > P.E.
    > Math
    > Social Studies
    > Reading
    > P.E./Life Skills
    > Native American Studies
    > Librarian
    > Special Education (2)
    > ANIY Counselor
    > Special Education
    > 8th & 9th Chorus
    > 8th Math
    > 8th/9th Science
    > Technology Lab
    > Varsity Cross Country
    > Varsity Girls Soccer
    > Varsity Boys Soccer
    > JV Girls Soccer
    > JV Boys Soccer
    > P.E.
    > Navajo Language
    > Social Studies
    > Math (Title I)
    > Varsity Assistant Football Coach (2)
    > 9th Football Coach
    > Athletic Director
    > Navajo Language
    > English
    > Math
    > Boys Track Coach
    > Girls Jr. High Track Coach
    > Softball Coach
    > Asst. Wrestling Coach
    > Instructional Support Teacher
    > Girls JV Volleyball Coach
    > Girls Freshman Basketball Coach
    > Assistant Varsity Football Coach
    > Assistant JV Football Coach
    > JV Girls Varsity Basketball Coach
    > Varsity Cheerleading Sponsor
    > Freshman Boys Basketball Coach
    > Music