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    Math/Science Teacher - Career Changer
    Career Changer

    Hello Folks,

    I am an engineer considering a career change. I signed up
    for the Virginia "Career Changer Program" which allows one
    to switch from a professional to a teaching career in a
    short time. My interest is in teaching math and science.
    I passed the Praxis II secondary math (0061), Praxis II
    secondary physics (0265) tests and plan on taking the
    secondary chemistry test (0245) (I am not a glutton for
    punishment, I just want to get a job and I would be moving
    to VA with my family from out of state). I am interested
    in teaching in Northern VA, Loudoun or Fairfax Counties. I
    know budgets are tight. What do you think my odds of
    getting a teaching position are? Is there any bias for or
    against "Career Changers"? Thx.