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    Re: VOTE for the Best ad Worst County for Teachers in MD

    I vote for Montgomery since is one of the largest school systems in
    the USA and its diversity! ciao

    On 1/27/11, VOTE /Tell us why wrote:
    > On 1/18/11, Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, FL wrote:
    >> Every year, Florida's students, schools and districts are
    >> graded based on their performance. Now, it's time to start
    >> rating parents, a state lawmaker says.
    >> State Rep. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, filed a bill Tuesday
    >> that would require elementary school teachers to evaluate
    >> parents based on "the quality" of their involvement in their
    >> children's schools.
    >> Parents with children in pre-K-to-third-grade would
    >> get "satisfactory," "needs improvement" or "unsatisfactory"
    >> ratings in four broad categories.
    >> They would be judged on their response to requests for
    >> meetings or communication, their children's completion of
    >> homework and preparation for tests, their children's absentee
    >> and tardy rates and their children's "physical preparation
    >> for school," including a good night's sleep and appropriate
    >> meals.
    >> Parents' grades would appear on their kids' report cards.
    >> "Although the school environment has a great impact on a
    >> child's well-being and academic success, parents and the home
    >> environment form the foundation of a child's present and
    >> future life," Stargel explains in the bill, HB 255.
    >> "Without proper parental involvement in all aspects of a
    >> child's life, the child's prospects to be a well-equipped and
    >> useful member of society are greatly diminished," the bill
    >> states. Stargel, a mother of five, could not be reached late
    >> Tuesday.
    >> Parents and teachers raised questions about the bill, saying
    >> it could backfire and make parent-teacher relations more
    >> tense. They also feared it would add to teachers' workloads
    >> if they had to keep track of parent progress as well as their
    >> students'.
    >> "I think it would create a more hostile environment if the
    >> parent wasn't doing what they were supposed to do," said
    >> Andrew Spar, president of the Volusia Teachers Organization,
    >> that county's teachers union.
    >> "At the end of the day, I don't think this would change
    >> anything. It would just create more work."
    >> Spar said the descriptions of ideal parental involvement in
    >> Stargel's bill are good and there is no doubt that involved
    >> parents are key to student success. But trying to create a
    >> formal grading system complete with parent appeals would
    >> have little impact but to "put a tremendous burden on the
    >> teacher," he said.
    >> Susan Persis, president of the Florida Association of School
    >> Administrators and the principal at Pine Trail Elementary in
    >> Ormond Beach, has other concerns fairness being the chief
    >> among them.
    >> "There are some parents who work two and three jobs and who
    >> care about their kids just as much as the parent who's the
    >> president of the PTA and is there at school every day,"
    >> Persis said.
    >> "It could be a time thing. It could be something going on in
    >> the family. Who is the teacher to say, 'You're not doing a
    >> good job?' "
    >> But John Wilson, whose two sons are in kindergarten and third
    >> grade at Bentley Elementary in Seminole County, thinks
    >> Stargel's bill is a great idea.
    >> Parents who are doing their part would appreciate the
    >> positive feedback from teachers, he said. Those who aren't
    >> doing their part might be encouraged to start.
    >> "Someone who truly wants their child to learn and succeed
    >> and go above and beyond, they're not going to take it as an
    >> insult they're going to step up and do more," he said.
    >> It's not clear whether Stargel's bill will get any traction
    >> in the legislative session that starts in March, when many
    >> education-related ideas will be considered.
    >> Leslie Postal can be reached at 407-420-5273 or
    >> Denise-Marie Balona can be
    >> reached at or 386-228-5008.
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    >> Sunkissed Adventures at 8:54 PM January 18, 2011
    >> A parent that works multiple jobs can still answer a phone
    >> and respond to a note if they care about their child.
    >> There are parents who fill out the school registration card
    >> and provide Micky D's as their home phone number simply to
    >> avoid any phone calls from the school. I think it's about
    >> time EVERYONE be held accountable- teacher, student and
    >> parents.
    >> SeaWatcher at 8:38 PM January 18, 2011
    >> Teachers can grade parents when parents are allowed to grade
    >> teachers. And the catch here is that the grade the teachers
    >> receive from the parents determines whether they get a raise
    >> or if they lose their jobs. Can't work just one way.
    >> SOUTHERN YANKEE Speaks at 8:12 PM January 18, 2011
    >> More paperwork for the teacher. Good idea if a way could be
    >> figured out how to establish a grade or rating.