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    Posted by: PsyGuy on 6/08/14
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    Now whos scaring teachers.

    Yeah they did and yeah they do. Virtual school is the only educational
    concept thats experiencing "Dynamic Growth". Pearson is in the process
    of acquiring a very prominent tutoring organization, so that it can
    enter into the "Academic Center", as a supplement to its virtual school.
    Students will participate in the core program online and participate in
    the enrichment program at an Academic Center part time. Why? there is
    a lot of money in K-12 athletics and Pearson would like a pile of that
    money. Imagine a division 5A high school football team comprised of
    the most talented student athletes not limited to a particular district
    area, because your school (the academic centers) are statewide. Same
    thing for cheer, a lot of students are very resistant to the idea of virtual
    schooling because it greatly diminishes the social factors that students
    strongly favor. Academic Enrichment Centers bridges the students,a nd
    then its much easier to bring the parents onboard.

    Youre really confusing virtual education with education or edutainment
    software. Virtual schools still need teachers, but because they dont do
    as much you need fewer of them, or you only need them part time.

    There will always be a need for schools, the demographics we serve the
    low and middle class need someone to watch the kids while they are at
    work. Only upper class families can afford to have a single working
    parent. Dont be surprised though if those students go to school and
    just plug into a tablet or computer, while the teacher monitors behavior
    and responds to inquiries.

    Stop pushing iPads? Why, the iPad is so much more cooler than the
    android tablets.

    On 6/08/14, hope for teachers wrote:
    > Pearson does a lot more than print textbooks. They bought the
    > online public school system in Texas. If kids go online to learn,
    > they no longer need to pay you to teach. The students logging on
    > can be a ratio of 400 to one certified teacher. Pearson is in it
    > to make money and your salary is part of the money they want. They
    > really don't care about print textbooks. They care about selling
    > teacher evaluations, online resources, college entrance tests,
    > state tests and everything aligned to the beloved Common Core.
    > They can not wait until a student can "log on" and "plug in" so
    > that no one needs to pay YOU. The teacher will be a dancing cartoon
    > on a screen. The state tests are just a money racket. Who cares
    > how we'll evaluate schools. Students don't go to school to produce
    > data to evaluate their school. Please, teachers, fight with the
    > activists who are trying to wake parents up to strengthen our local
    > schools. You haven't ever known anything else except that a bus
    > load of students pulls up at the door and they have to hire
    > teachers. Already, there is a massive amount of parents planning
    > to pull their kids to homeschool and coop education. You will lose
    > your jobs over the fact that the parents don't want the Pearson
    > state tests, the Pearson crappy workbook/ textbooks (which is just
    > a way to steal the textbook fund which should go to amazing
    > textbooks), and Common Core schools. Stop pushing IPads, plugged
    > in classrooms, project based crap and every other silly fad that
    > comes along, that helps the enemy, to your own detriment. The
    > brainwashing that is done to teachers is amazing. Go to Texas Opt
    > Out movement online and read that parents are getting educated and
    > they don't want the very thing that teachers are often brainwashed
    > at the region service centers into pushing. Get on the other side
    > and fight for authentic learning. You're not going to lose your
    > job for standing up to the broken system. You have nothing to lose
    > and everything to gain, as I have been posting for a long time.
    > On 6/08/14, Questions to both psyguy and anon? wrote:
    >> On 6/08/14, question for PsyGuy wrote:
    >>> The purpose of an underground movement is to put a strategy
    >> into
    >>> place that works to change a system without tipping off the
    >>> other side, thus giving the other side the advantage of time to
    >>> mount opposition. State testing will fall next.
    >> If testing goes away, (which by the way every state currently
    >> has some form of testing,) how will districts show yearly student
    >> growth?

    >> Question back
    >>> to PsyGuy: Why scare teachers that they will be nonrenewed for
    >>> not being a team player if, as you say, they are going to be
    >>> replaced anyway with uncertified facilitators?
    >> No, this is not true. Teachers have to be certified. Texas
    >> already created the answer to not having enough teachers when the
    >> state instituted "alternative certification." If I am wrong,
    >> psyguy, please prove your point by showing it in the Texas
    >> education code.

    >>> 6/07/14, PsyGuy wrote:
    >>>> We already have privatized schools, they are called private
    >>>> schools.
    >> I used to think that school choice was not a good thing. Now,
    >> however, after reading the main teacher board posting related to
    >> gay pride, based on some of the comments related to going around
    >> local control, and teachers advocating spreading their own
    >> agenda, I have changed my mind.
    >>>> On 6/07/14, ANON is right wrote:
    >>>>> Anon posted one of the most intelligent posts we have had
    >>>>> in a long time.
    >> The media is undermining teachers on
    >>>>> purpose. agree
    >> It is all about privatizing public schools, which
    >>>>> will cost us our jobs as we know of them. The move to
    >>>>> create "choice" will hire uncertified teachers and destroy
    >>>>> our profession, including PsyGuy, who is on the other side
    >>>>> most of the time. disagree
    >> Please, teachers, join the underground movement to "keep"
    >> Core out and get rid of C-Scope. agree
    >> Join in and educate parents that Pearson
    >>>>> is a big part of the problem.
    >> I don't see this. We haven't had a textbook to use
    >> (because it was outdated) in 10 years! This year we are finally
    >> adopting and teachers are excited! As for errors, c-scope was a
    >> mess, but we will see with the new digital textbook adoption.

    >> The original poster is
    >>>>> right. Why should our students in the US have crappy
    >>>>> books, full of errors, and why should our money be thrown
    >>>>> away on this junk. Rise up, teachers. No one will fire
    >>>>> you. There are too many of us speaking up now. Parents are
    >>>>> way more informed and they back the real teachers who are
    >>>>> speaking up.

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