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    Posted by: PsyGuy on 6/11/14
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    Again, im a friend of reality. Advising teachers that insubordination
    will somehow make them heros is a lie, it will at best make them
    martyrs, and martyrs without a job.

    Teachers have no more power than any other employee of an
    organization, except that our contracts and the Texas Education
    code basically protects our pay-check for a year.

    My campus of 450 students has 5 APs, principal, and a counselor.
    Get those 7 people in a room with a lone teacher and they are
    toast. Add a super, and HR director and a trip to central office, and
    thats 9 against 1. An "army" of teachers is no more a threat then an
    army of lemmings, or gnats. They have the money, wheres your
    power? This is America the 1% of been doinga very good job of
    keeping themselves safe and comfortable. Its the same in a district.

    I dont trust you

    It wont require your death or corpse, you arent even significant
    enough to be statistically rounded up.

    Again, no administrator is afraid of teachers.

    So Opt out, I would love if no students showed up for testing week.
    Not only would I not have to teach, I wouldnt have to administer a
    test. I dont see it happening and even if they did, texas law allows
    for makeup tests and rescheduling test days. So unless all the
    parents are comfortable having their kids at home year round, I
    dont see that happening.
    I know teachers that take sick leave on administration day as well,
    its not an issue, we have enough trained paras to administer, and
    we even have a contingency to administer the exam in the cafeteria
    and gym, with just our administration.

    CSCOPE didnt fail, they are still in business.

    On 6/09/14, Great hope for teachers wrote:
    > As PsyGuy said in his own words, " i counsel and advice
    > principals and admins how to construct or "set up" a
    > teacher for non renewal. " As I have told you, he is not a
    > friend of you or public schools. The fact of it is that
    > teachers have a tremendous amount of power because there
    > are so many of us, and if you count parents it is a
    > tsunami of clout, compared to your one measly principle
    > and superintendent. Yes, admins are terrified. They feel
    > the sand under their feet shifting, and trust me, they
    > know teachers are working to get testing thrown out. Why
    > wouldn't we? They are going to "grade us" like children
    > based on test scores that are based on crappy tests. Over
    > my dead body. Teachers, get real. Get out there with
    > parents and turn them onto Texas Opt Out. PsyGuy knows
    > that admins are smelling fear right now. Their whole world
    > is crumbling. There are already complete states that have
    > thrown out Common Core and Pearson and the number is
    > growing. There are states that students are allowed to opt
    > out and no one shows up to take the tests. In some
    > schools, the teachers don't show up to give the test!
    > Teachers, we need your help. It just takes tipping off the
    > five loudmouth moms in your school and we win. Trust me.
    > Pull up PsyGuy's old posts stating that CScope was too big
    > to fall. He is part of the "old guard" and their days of
    > fake power are numbered.
    > On 6/08/14, PsyGuy wrote:
    >> If you have nothing to be fear, why should you be worried
    >> about "tipping off the other side"? If your position is
    >> so clearly
    > right, what
    >> does it matter the opposition they could could mount?
    >> State testing isnt going to fall, never. One, there is
    >> way too
    > much
    >> money in high stakes testing to clear that off the table.
    >> Two, as much as the parents and public dont like state
    >> testing they
    > dislike a
    >> lack of accountability even more.
    >> Why scare them, im not trying too, but unlike you thats a
    >> fact. i counsel and advice principals and admins how to
    >> construct or "set up" a teacher for non renewal. We focus
    >> on soft skills like communication, collaboration, that
    >> are subjective and very
    > difficult
    >> to quantify, so that when they are doing 360 observations
    >> and
    > PDAS
    >> they can focus on those dimensions, produce lower scores
    >> and evaluations, and leave the teacher without a
    >> substantial or
    > provable
    >> defense. The idea is to leave the grievance panel with
    >> the
    > position
    >> of "he said, she said", and in those situations the admin
    >> always wins, and the teacher simply isnt worth the
    >> trouble.
    >> Thats false, I dont know a single administrator thats
    >> "afraid or scared" of a teacher. They're the boss, they
    >> get to set and
    > interpret
    >> policy and one way or the other they get to decide if you
    >> keep
    > your
    >> job and how miserable they can make that job. Teachers
    >> think they can do little things to piss of an admin, and
    >> they surely can
    > piss an
    >> admin off, but thats mages them angry, not afraid.
    >> Im on the smart side that supports reality. I dont
    >> support
    > causes,
    >> Causes pay zero.
    >> Teachers working around the clock, you havent done very
    >> much, the biggest thing youve done in over 5 years is get
    >> the CSCOPE exemplars tossed, which was never a core
    >> business and didnt
    > effect
    >> revenue. Meanwhile testing standards and rankings became
    >> tougher, and effectively increased the performance
    >> polarization among school districts. More of them now
    >> have no hope of achieving the portion of commended scores
    >> needed for Exemplary.
    >> Admins dont have to worry about being replaced, they are
    >> the ones who decide what implementations will be made,
    >> and they arent going to select themselves out of a job.
    >> Its not "pretend power" when you have the power to
    >> recommend a person for non-renewal, thats not a
    >> fabrication, thats real.
    >> On 6/08/14, question for PsyGuy wrote:
    >>> The purpose of an underground movement is to put a
    >>> strategy
    >> into
    >>> place that works to change a system without tipping off
    >>> the other side, thus giving the other side the advantage
    >>> of time to mount opposition. State testing will fall
    >>> next. Question back to PsyGuy: Why scare teachers that
    >>> they will be nonrenewed for not being a team player if,
    >>> as you say, they are going to be replaced anyway with
    >>> uncertified facilitators? Why don't you tell them the
    >>> truth--that the admins are too busy running scared to
    >>> start attacking teachers who speak out. If you were on
    >>> the side of teachers you would tell them to fight smart
    >>> and fight now. We have teachers working around the clock
    >>> to inform parents of the truth, leading parents to the
    >>> growing Texas Opt out movement and educating other
    >>> teachers in how to stand up. The ones who should worry
    >>> that they are going to be replaced with "mentors" and
    >>> "facilitators" are the sorry admins that are selling us
    >>> all out for their own $ and pretend power. We aren't
    >>> going to have their backs, and I am happy to report that
    >>> many are already taking fire in their districts. We have
    >>> to save ourselves and the public schools by turning up
    >>> the heat. Psy Guy delights in watching the destruction
    >>> of the public schools instead of fighting for students
    >>> and the teachers caught in this mess.
    >>> 6/07/14, PsyGuy wrote:
    >>>> We already have privatized schools, they are called
    >>>> private schools.
    >>>> Thats not a fact, CSCOPE didnt go anywhere its still
    >>>> alive and well, and charging the same amount without
    >>>> having to do the exemplars.
    >>>> The plan will move to hire uncertified teachers, though
    >>>> they
    >>> will
    >>>> be called facilitators, presenters, or something nice
    >>>> and warm and fuzzy like "mentors". Thats the idea, if
    >>>> you dont need to design and create curriculum, and
    >>>> assessment is run by the State, all you need is someone
    >>>> to read a script, and a couple
    >>> of
    >>>> actual teachers (like department chairs) to manage
    >>>> those mentors, and answer questions, as well as advise.
    >>>> If theres nothing to be afraid of, then why are you an
    >>>> "underground" movement? If theres nothing to fear, why
    >>>> not conduct your activities transparently and in the
    >>>> light? Its because we both know its not true. Teachers
    >>>> get non-renewed all the time for not "being a team
    >>>> player", "Failure to collaborate", or just all round
    >>>> "Best Interest of the
    >>> District".
    >>>> On 6/07/14, ANON is right wrote:
    >>>>> Anon posted one of the most intelligent posts we have
    >>>>> had in a long time. The media is undermining teachers
    >>>>> on purpose. It is all about privatizing public
    >>>>> schools, which will cost us our jobs as we know of
    >>>>> them. The move to create "choice" will hire
    >>>>> uncertified teachers and destroy our profession,
    >>>>> including PsyGuy, who is on the other side most of the
    >>>>> time. Thank you Anon. for trying to educate teachers
    >>>>> to wake up. PsyGuy is utterly wrong that we can't make
    >>>>> a difference. That is what he said about CScope. As
    >>>>> point of fact, those of us who fought got CScope
    >>>>> thrown out. Yes, PsyGuy, I know that schools pay for
    >>>>> it and some teachers use it. Who cares? The fact of it
    >>>>> is that the "powers that be" now have a look of
    >>>>> disgust on their face when CScope is mentioned. The
    >>>>> point of it is that nothing is lost until people give
    >>>>> up. Please, teachers, join the underground movement to
    >>>>> get state testing out and Common Core/CScope out. Join
    >>>>> in and educate parents that Pearson is a big part of
    >>>>> the problem. The original poster is right. Why should
    >>>>> our students in the US have crappy books, full of
    >>>>> errors, and why should our money be thrown away on
    >>>>> this junk. Rise up, teachers. No one will fire you.
    >>>>> There are too many of us speaking up now. Parents are
    >>>>> way more informed and they back the real teachers who
    >>>>> are speaking up.
    >>>>> On 6/04/14, PsyGuy wrote:
    >>>>>> I refer in my posts to my observations and
    >>>>>> experiences. I dont
    >>>>> need
    >>>>>> you permission or approval to care or be interested
    >>>>>> in something. That is a strawman argument, I can be
    >>>>>> concerned about whatever I wish and it has zero
    >>>>>> influence on my capacity or performance as
    >>>>> an
    >>>>>> educator. Parents are very concerned about the
    >>>>>> abilities of their children when graduating.
    >>>>>> No, there is no vast conspiracy to undermine
    >>>>>> teachers, and its
    >>>>> not
    >>>>>> the evil agenda of the popular media. The media is
    >>>>>> concerned with selling their channel, and content,
    >>>>>> and bad news and scandal just sell better. The vast
    >>>>>> district for educators is not a result of
    >>>>> the
    >>>>>> medias influence but originates with parents, they
    >>>>>> are the source for the fall of our profession.
    >>>>>> Yes, there is a movement to privatise education, so
    >>>>>> what, privatization is a reality in many public
    >>>>>> services and
    >>>>> responsibilities.
    >>>>>> On 6/04/14, anon wrote:
    >>>>>>> You must be talking about yourself when it comes to
    >>>>>>> the worksheets, for if you are any good as a teacher
    >>>>>>> or whatever you are, you don't concern yourself with
    >>>>>>> what others are doing.
    >>>>>>> Regardless, your post is a load of garbage or else
    >>>>>>> you have unsuccessfully tried to be ironical. It
    >>>>>>> doesn't matter what teachers do or don't do because
    >>>>>>> the 24/7 propaganda against teachers and the
    >>>>>>> teaching profession is just one part of the movement
    >>>>>>> to privatize all public institutions for private
    >>>>>>> gain. It has nothing to do with "kids not
    >>>>>>> graduating" and all of that other b.s. you are
    >>>>>>> peddling.
    >>>>>>> If you are that stupid you don't know this, you
    >>>>>>> shouldn't be posting here.
    >>>>>>> I strongly suspect, though, you are employing a
    >>>>>>> tactic of a troll by yanking people's chains.
    >>>>>>> On 6/03/14, PsyGuy wrote:
    >>>>>>>> Like what teachers, who teach from their desks and
    >>>>>>>> hand out worksheets, and dont bother even
    >>>>>>>> correcting them?
    >>>>>>>> It doesnt really matter weve had this discussion on
    >>>>>>>> this forum
    >>>>>>> a
    >>>>>>>> hundred times, the public doesnt trust us anymore.
    >>>>>>>> Too many people graduating who couldnt read, too
    >>>>>>>> many teachers not keeping their hands off the
    >>>>>>>> student body. Too many teachers sitting at their
    >>>>>>>> desk while their students do independent
    >>>>>>> work.
    >>>>>>>> Teachers are never going to get back the time where
    >>>>>>>> they could close their door and rule their little
    >>>>>>>> fiefdom of a classroom,
    >>>>>>> not
    >>>>>>>> as long as we have accountability and state tests
    >>>>>>>> that shine
    >>>>>>> the
    >>>>>>>> spotlight on who is a "good" teacher and who is a
    >>>>>>>> "bad"
    >>>>>>> teacher.
    >>>>>>>> On 6/02/14, disgusted wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> These materials are FULL of errors and waste of
    >>>>>>>>> taxpayers
    >>>>>>>> money. Put the
    >>>>>>>>> real teaching back in the classrooms.

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