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    Re: ESL Endorsement Questions

    Thanks Robyn,
    I did look into the Gateways of PD and I do not qualify for any of
    their scholarships, as I do have my masters and my joint income with
    my husband is way higher than any of those qualifications. I will
    look into the IRC program--I have takes several workshops thru
    them. What I still don't understand is if it is such an need area,
    why aren't Elementary teachers being given this same requirement???
    I am sure that after age 5 students don't stop requiring teaching
    modifications, and TPI pull doesn't cut it for Prek, then why is it
    ok for Kinder or first??

    On 1/24/12, Robyn wrote:
    > Hi Amy, Yes, this is a new requirement because of the influx and
    > needs of ESL learners. However, here is some good news:
    > Gateways to Professional Development is offering a fantastic
    > scholarship for this requirement. I am not sure about the
    > current status, but the information is still up on their site.
    > Here is the link:
    > NLU offers the program at a reduced rate as well, somewhere
    > around 665.00 per course, not semester hour. The Illinois
    > Resource Center also offers courses at the reduced rate.
    > Here is the IRC's website:
    > I hope this helps!
    > Good Luck!!!!
    > On 1/24/12, Amy wrote:
    >> Robyn,
    >> Your post was just what I was looking for on here. I have my
    >> type 04 with special ed approval for EC. I have now been told
    >> that the state of Illinois is requiring me to have my ESL
    >> endorsement if I would like to continue teaching prek in my
    >> district.
    >> I have looked into several programs (u of I, national louis,
    >> etc), but I cannot afford the $15000 for the 18 hrs I am
    >> required. I have heard that other districts are setting up
    >> programs to help teachers achieve this approval, however our
    >> EC person is lazy and does not wish to take the time to do
    >> this for us. Do you konw anything about this new requirement,
    >> and why after 15 years of teaching am I required my ESL
    >> endorsement, but the Kindergarten teacher across the hall
    >> needs nothing to teach her class!!! It is very frustrating.
    >> Especially seeing how the state isn't even paying for the prek
    >> or bilingual grants---and now I have to pay $15000 to keep my
    >> job?? Not fair!
    >> Any insight or information would be helpful!
    >> Amy
    >> On 8/21/11, Robyn Shulman wrote:
    >>> Hi everyone,
    >>> If you have questions about the ESL/Bilingual endorsement,
    >>> I will be happy to help you. I was the Lead ESL/Bilingual
    >>> Academic Advisor at NLU for the past 5 1/2 years. I now
    >>> provide online professional development for CPDU credits.
    >>> Feel free to ask me any questions, for free :)
    >>> Best, Robyn