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    Re: Which Magazine?

    On 2/17/17, MaryB wrote:
    > On 2/17/17, jroewe wrote:
    >> Trying to decide if I need to go with Scholastic News or
    >> StoryWorks for my 5th grade Reading class. Any feedback
    >> will be appreciated.
    > I retired in May, but was an ESL middle school teacher
    > (Reading and English) for 14 yrs. I used Scholastic Scope &
    > Action with my high level classes for 7 yrs. For 2 years I
    > borrowed StoryWorks from one of the 6th grade reading
    > teachers. I found that Scope & Action were more suitable
    > my students, who ranged from grades 4-5 in reading.
    > I found that the stories and articles in Scope/Action were
    > pertinent to current news, etc., and the writing
    > were geared to our State Standards. The students really
    > liked those magazines the best and enjoyed learning about
    > debate, comparison/contrast, etc.