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    Please, share with your contacts. These are outstanding opportunities that will live with the recipients for a life time. They will be our future "movers and shakers".

    Apply now for full scholarships for high schoolers who wish to study abroad in the near future. for summer or year. Application deadlines are approaching. NSLI-Y deadline is...See More
    I switched careers later in life and became a Teacher. That was almost 10 years ago. I have been working on a resource that represents all the things I wish I had known when I started. Since every day yields new tings the resource continues to grow. Feel free to take a look.

    Hi, all!

    I've been using Bartleby's Social Science help to make things smoother in the classroom. The reception (from both students and teachers) has been very good. I'm wondering if there are similar .gov or .org sites for Intro to Linguistics. Suggestions welcome.

    Please see: https://www.bartleby.com/subject/social-science
    This is specifically a question for HS Social Studies/History teachers...

    How do you handle covering news and current events in classroom discussions? Do you integrate and tie-in with lesson plans, and have students review what's going on in the news outside class?

    I'm asking because I send a daily news "Textletter" to hundreds of...See More
    Good evening all. I am a brand new teacher in my first classroom. I'm on a reservation school in Montana. I've had first week of school i've been able to meet the staff and students however I am finding that there are no lesson plans from the previous year and so I'm not sure what to teach so to speak. I was wondering how high school teachers break...See More
    I am an educator and currently work in admissions at a high school in New York City. I have my California state teaching license and have been out of the classroom for two years now. I am planning on applying for teaching jobs and getting back into the classroom in 2020. I miss the students, constant learning, and energy. To show that I am dedicate...See More
    The blackboard and chalks are replaced by whiteboards and marker. Whiteboard is replaced by projectors. Technology changed over all means of learning from the blackboard to Digital Class Board. It is the visual tool that synchronizes with the hardware devices, digital classroom software and content of the different subjects. To Enhance the projecti...See More
    Hello HS instructors ( specifically 9th & 10th Grades ),

    I would greatly appreciate your input on how I should address the behavior of students after two weeks of absence due to illness. The Sub who covered me for 8 days ( 4 days each Block, no school on Good Friday and I worked Friday 4/26 left notes regarding unacceptable behavior ...See More
    Does anyone have the lesson plans for chapter 6 GO Math? I'm new and need help please!!!! Getting overwhelmed
    Kitykat 1st grade Go Math please
    Feb 2, 2019
    Great International Opportunities for High School Students NOW, (Please, share with your contacts and note the deadlines for applications.)

    This is a great time to promote summer program offerings with AFS! AFS is well into the recruitment season for our 2019 Summer & Global Prep Programs. Students who are new to study abroad or have b...See More

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