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    Loan offer between private individual

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    I received some funds for STEM activities--any good materials for second grade for me to use the money?
    My district use to pay for which had great videos on every subject I am very disappointed that they will no longer pay for subscription. Does anyone know of a website similar to brainpopjr that is free? I teach second grade. Need a website for elementary students. Thanks
    Does anyone knowledge of any online digital cloud explorations for 2nd graders?
    My school is looking at The Super Kids Reading Program to replace what we are currently using. Does anyone use this program and what do you think about it?
    We currently have a wide range of teaching positions in a variety of subjects! All positions are available for immediate start. We have positions for non-natives and teachers who do not hold a bachelor's degree.

    Teaching hours are between 15 and 30 hours a week. We are currently recruiting for Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianji...See More
    Many years ago I bought some monthly newsletter templates and powerpoints from an online site...seems like it had the name schoolhouse or classroom in it. Does anyone have any idea of the company I am talking about. I have not been able to google name must be wrong.
    Paul Could it be from the teacherspayteachers website?
    Oct 17, 2017
    My new principal gave me an unannounced Leverage Leadership. The next day she brought her boss and I had my teacher rep with me. She accused me of telling a student his work was garbage, then I crumpled his paper up and tossed it in the garbage according to her. I told the student he wasted his time by drawing a picture during independent reading t...See More
    Minute to Minute Instruction, Fundations (No Fun), Reading Centers, Guided Reading, Computers not working, Smart board No Sound, Leveled Math, Leveled Worksheets, Leveled Homework, New Science Curriculum, and Meetings -Meetings-Meetings!!!! Had to Vent!

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