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    Hello Everyone, I'm a special education teacher from California, and I'm considering moving to Kansas. In California, at the elementary level, we have mainly pull- out programs (Resource and Special Day Classes). Of course, the services are determined by the IEP team and what is best for the child. I'm curious. Do Kansas schools have mainly pull-ou...See More
    Sandi Hi Jill,

    I work in Garden City (southwest Kansas). We have self- contained SPED, pull out and inclusion. If you're looking for somewhere to move in Kansas... this is actually a great place. Let me know if you would like more information. I would be happy to tell you more!


    On 2/20/16, Jill wrote: > Hello Everyone...See More
    Jun 1, 2016
    My granddaughters are sharing how much difference you made in their lives as 4th graders.?
    I currently teach in a small Kansas school district. The elementary school here currently has only daily tiered reading groups for students. I am that one day we could have daily math groups as well. I know bigger districts are able to provide both services to their students but I am wondering if any smaller school were able to do this? IF so, what...See More
    please read: Koch High: How The Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way Into The Minds Of Public School Students
    check out article on: How Right-wing Billionaires Seek to Shape the Social Studies Curriculum.
    there is a huge sale for teachers only at eddie bauer in westridge mall in topeka,ks this saturday 8am-10am
    I agree with Rachel as an Elementary teacher the best adicve I could give you is finding a teacher that would be willing to let you go into there classroom. Teaching is hard work but very rewarding. You will never make a lot of money, have to deal with angry parents, spend a lot of your own money of resources for your classroom, and work a lot outs...See More

    Do Kansas teachers pay into Social Security, or does it
    depend on the district? Thanks.
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    lynne /blockquote>

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    Aug 26, 2005
    Jim On 3/14/05, CT wrote: > On 3/14/05, ps wrote: >> Do Kansas teachers pay into Social Security, or does it >> depend on the district? Thanks. > > I belive they all pay into it. what year did Kansas teacher start paying in Social Security
    Apr 16, 2015
    I need to know if the state of Kansas paid into the social security system for substitute teachers during the years 1987 ti 1993.

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