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Another benefit for those of us remaining young at heart, DoDEA does not have a retirement age. There are a few DoDEA teachers in their 70s.
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True. And there are more than a few (and many of them are older than 70's).

Another benefit is that DoDDS schools qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness where your qualified student loans are paid off after 10 years of service.
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How do taxes work if you teach for DoDDS? Do you still pay and file taxes for the US government or do you pay taxes to the country you are living in?
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For the availability date, is it better to put the date your current job ends or the current date?
No problem. Still waiting to see how many positions were filled in the transfer round (quite a few teachers in Japan got transfers to Europe). I know of at least a few schools looking at 6+ new teachers for next year due to transfer, retirements, PCS, etc.
Does anyone have any honest reviews for working for the dodea? What are the pros? What are the cons? Where do people struggle, where do they succeed? What are the schools like? The parents? The students? What to expect if you get a job offer?
  • haha Short answer: It depends. Just as conditions can vary wildly from district to district and even school to school, many of things you ask about will look very different depending on the location and the school. In general, parents are mostly good to...See More
    (Feb 25)
Sorry for posting so many questions, but is there any information offered on any high school positions in Japan? It's my first pick and I would really like to head over there.

Thank you
Thanks for the info on my last post. (I don't have a login, so I can't reply.) I'm excited that I just got the e-mail that hiring will start in March!! We're only looking in the continental U.S., so I hope I may find something this coming school year...lots of elementary schools in VA, NC, SC, and KY...
Sorry for all the questions.

DOD doesn't want anything but transcripts and licenses in the app attachment section?

No letters of reference? No letter of intro?


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