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Helping my wife update here application, at the top of the File Attachments section, it says: Please upload a copy of all official transcripts as one single attachment

She went to two schools... does that mean I should combine her transcripts from both schools into a single file? Or are they referring to multiple pages for each school being uploaded as a single attachment....meaning one attachment per school?

I am in need of one more science credit to get my chemistry cert in addition to my other certifications. Any online suggestions as I am over seas.
I'm an experienced secondary science teacher and am currently seeking DODEA positions for 2017-18. My application is up-to-date, I've been following this chatboard, and have also tracked the positions that came open during the recent transfer round. My question is about whether to expect any secondary science position openings if very few came up during the transfer round. Does anyone know how often secondary science positions generally open up for new CONUS hires?
  • haha Generally, HR should send out a notice when a position is finally filled but this doesn't always happen and can take a while since the position is not actually "filled" until the successful candidate gets their orders, which can take a...See More
    (Feb 17)
Thanks for the info on my last post. (I don't have a login, so I can't reply.) I'm excited that I just got the e-mail that hiring will start in March!! We're only looking in the continental U.S., so I hope I may find something this coming school year...lots of elementary schools in VA, NC, SC, and KY...
Does anyone have any updated information/news about the hiring freeze? Any new "exemptions" etc.? My application is still "inactive" and in "processing". The waiting stinks!
Has anyone received the annual notice to go online to update their DODEA job application? Just curious as I've not gotten mine and they normally come out every January. Also noticed that the site where the application is located has been down all weekend, or is this just a glitch?
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Which is a common cert combination for World Languages teachers in high school? TIA
Re: Transfer Response

The only one I have been able to confirm is an LIMS position in Vincenza being filled in the transfer round. Lots of movement to Europe but people not necessarily also saying their new positions.
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My application is active in DODEA's system and I have veteran status- any ideas when hiring will start for CONUS applicants once the transfers get settled?

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