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I am presently working/living overseas (SE Asia) and was contacted to interview for Dodea Guam.

I recall reading that you shouldn't say where you are in the interview..or something as it effects benefits?

If I get the job I plan on heading stateside this summer anyhow before it begins. (I think)

Not sure how I hide where I am anyhow, as it is on my resume.

Any info would be appreciated.
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haha Good luck and hang in there!
KMC Thanks haha...hopefully that is a good sign, but others have said that they contact everyone's references? That seems strange, but who knows.
haha Everyone has their own story. I actually don't think they ever contacted most of mine so who really knows?
IsItFriday? $100K? Take a the job.

There's nothing to think about. Are you making $100K now? Probably not. You're working in SE Asia, but you don't have the top job at ISB, am I right?

Take the money and in five years you will be vested in the retirement system, and you'll be financially secure.

Will you miss SE Asia? Sure. Just spe...See More
Jay Congrats KMC, best of luck to you.
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