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    Hi all! I'm a daycare teacher for 3 year olds. I'm having some behavior issues with some kids and could really use advice. I have several kids that when it's circle time, lunch time or center time I try to give them a 5 minute heads up of what about to happen to help transition them. The time approaches and I walk over to them and say something lik...See More
    I am very gentle, hardworking, elegant, charming,

    naturally kind, and like balance of fairness.

    I have good critical faculty and look impartially at

    matters which call for an impartial judgment to be made .

    My character is on the whole balanced. I am sensitive to the needs

    of others. I am very social hum...See More
    HI. I've just started work in a nursery in the preschool room. The children seem to be running about doing as they please. There are activities but the children aren't really accessing them. Should there be some circle time, adult interaction, direct teaching of some kind?
    I am doing an essay and one question I have to answer is...

    How have the History and Current Issues of Early Childhood Education influenced your philosophy?

    Im not sure how to put that into an essay
    Are you having as much fun with your three and 4-year-old preschoolers

    I am having a BLAST and so are the children I give them plenty of choices

    and creativity and most of the time I go with the flow of the class for the day.

    We laugh as we are learning and we motivate each other while we are having fun learning.We use w...See More
    Hello everybody,

    I am an Early Childhood Education student. I am looking for help with this question: What is the value of activities that result in recognizable art products from young children?

    Thank you in advance.
    We currently have a wide range of teaching positions in a variety of subjects! All positions are available for immediate start. We have positions for non-natives and teachers who do not hold a bachelor's degree.

    Teaching hours are between 15 and 30 hours a week. We are currently recruiting for Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianji...See More
    I have a preschool class 21/2 to 31/2 and am looking for ideas to help control some of the big body play. The classroom is very boy heavy 15 boys 4 girls. ideas to get their attention? I've noticed a lot of physical contact, wrestling, running , jumping. A few of them are needing one on one as they are hurting others. Suggestions?
    Suffice to say that dissertation proposal requires a great amount of effort, time and concentration. Even if you manage enough time and energy, you can't accomplish your dissertation proposal appropriately without complete attention. Therefore, it is crucial for you to learn a practice that will maximize your brain performance.

    Created by...See More
    A few of my 4 year olds are having problems establishing their own personal space while respecting others. I've used the "personal bubble" idea, but am looking for some other ideas to try. Thanks in advance for any help.
    flacka Use carpet squares on the rug and spread them out so everyone has their own space.
    Oct 9, 2017

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