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    So you've decided to get a masters degree in English? Great! Overwhelmed by the choices? Here are my recommendations on classes you should take.

    • Teachers with masters degrees make a lot more money than those without. I wanted to make more money. I did not, however, want to suffer one more minute listening to a burnt-out educational the...See More
    TK, a graphic drama series published by Nouveau Urban Literature would make a perfect reader for any subject lesson plan. Reader comes with a Supplementary Workbook. Available in paperback or ebook at BarnesandNoble.com. Can also request a copy by email at newdayacademics@yahoo.com.
    you have to read the 21 balloons!
    Is there a theme for this years Read Across America Day?

    A midi version is available from the NEA website or you
    can download an mp3 and the lyrics here:

    [link removed]

    It's free and your kids will love it. Great way to build
    spirit and community for this wonderful effort. Enjoy.
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    Glenn Hi Eric,

    Glad you like the song. I do have a recording of "Read Across America" that I will email to you. Hope your students enjoy singing it.


    On 3/01/13, Eric Shea wrote: > Hi Glen, > I love this song. I was wondering if you have a recorded accompaniment > for this or if anyone had produced one that cou...See More
    Mar 2, 2013
    Fonnie Hello Glen,

    My school is celebrating RAA this next week and I would
    love to have a recording of this song. I already have the
    lyrics from the NEA web site. Thank you in advance for
    helping me with this. My school email is:

    fonnie.[email removed]


    On 3/02/13, Glenn wrote:
    > Hi Eric,
    &...See More
    Mar 12, 2016
    Hello Everybody,

    My name is Mary Stadinski, and i live in the Clifton, New Jersey. Life is worth living right now for me and my family. All this is because of one man sent by GOD to help me and my family, I once had a life filled with sorrow because my first daughter needed a kidney transplant and all our savings were going towards her med...See More
    i'm looking to download the worksheets that are set for each state eg, Florida/George, Hawaii/Idaho, etc
    I See You Films offers an amazing arts-in-education anti- bullying series for ages 6-12. It should be used all across America this summer. iseeyoufilms.ws/learning

    Hello, I work in a library at an elementary school, and I
    am interested in starting a reading program in the fall
    with 1-6th grades. The only thing I can think of (from
    when I was in school) is the hot air balloon reading
    program. (where for every 10 books you read, you get a hot
    air balloon to send off)...See More

    i am from india ,i teach at an orphange for girls ,my
    >>> students are having vacation ,but they are 'nt
    >> to
    >>> go on vacation ,to bring some excitedment & know
    >> different
    >>> countries which ,they can only dream of visiting ,i
    &g...See More
    michael casey /blockquote>

    I write comedy you can see all my stuff on the Internet my
    comic novel is called
    The Butcher The Baker and The Undertaker from age 12
    onwards its a good read. Here's my ad

    [link removed]

    Thats all , now make me an offer
    [link removed]
    Jul 4, 2006

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