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So you've decided to get a masters degree in English? Great! Overwhelmed by the choices? Here are my recommendations on classes you should take.

• Teachers with masters degrees make a lot more money than those without. I wanted to make more money. I did not, however, want to suffer one more minute listening to a burnt-out educational theorist telling me how to manage a classroom. I decided on a masters degree in English. Following are tips for high school English teachers thinking about pursuing the same route.

• Classes to Take that are Probably Required

If your goal is to go into administration, English may not be best choice. If, however, you want to become a knowledgeable English teacher, take the following classes while getting that degree from https://prowritingservice.com/english-essay/:

History of the English Language:

Most universities require this course as part of their masters program for two reasons:

1. Nobody in th...See More

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