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contracting group? I worked for a tutoring group for 5 classes before they let me go without any explanation. I did a lot of work for them and felt good about the work I was doing. Then out of the blue, after I set up the classroom and did the paperwork, I was let go. Is this typical?
Seeking information on pay rate in any or all NV counties. Feel free to pass along other info too!
Why is that 1 sub teacher is expected to cover for 2 absent co-teachers? On occasion, I've discovered that schools are requesting one sub for co-teaching ("ICT") classes. If the regular teacher operates with extra staff, how can a sub be effective operating solo under these circumstances?
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I looked at the calendar the other day and realized I have already been in around 35 different classrooms this school year. I have told a few regular teachers and staff members that figure and they are amazed. I am sure I am not the only one who has been in so many classrooms. We are brave souls at times, aren't we?
So far I have been working every day since the year began in August. We return to class on Tuesday. The holiday season is once again here and summer passed by very quickly. Labor Day...Halloween...Veterans Day..Thanksgiving and the end of the year holidays. One can tell that the fall season is here just by looking at the lighted posts at the local high schools on Friday nights, too.
Yay! I had to turn down a couple of jobs when my car was in the shop. Middle school resource room. I was in that room last year and I really enjoyed it. Hoping to see some old coworkers and let them know I'm back in the saddle. One good thing about subbing in my old district. Mimi needs some grandma time with her East Coast granddaughter and needs money for that plane ticket.
Is everyone working again? Jobs are not plentiful but i have worked two days. BTW, why is this board now divided into boxes? The main teacher board still looks the same as i always has.
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