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I subbed 6th grade today and made one boy cry and another girl look like she was going to cry (diff periods). I feel really horrible about it and started reading up when the boy did. I never raised my voice or picked them out in front of the class, I just kept trying to get them to do the work (in one case this girl was doing long division that I knew she could do but took 30 minutes to complete one problem, it was 6th grade GATE and I'd subbed before and they were doing harder math) in the other case a boy shut his laptop during a coding class because he was dizzy from staring at the screen and I told made him open it but said just look like you're working or others will want to close theirs, too. He started crying and said no one likes him or would pay attention to him having it shut.

Has anyone made a kid cry? I'm debating if I should just let the kids who don't want to do the work just not do the work. What do you do?
Jean I would still encourage the kids to do the work - and yes, I have made a child cry before (not intentionally, of course). I think it's great that you try to help the kids with their work!
Jul 18, 2018

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