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Good morning everyone,

I have an interview for a kindergarten teacher in Germany. So, I am curious what the pay would be for a Master's degree plus 18 and 7 years of experience. I was also curious about the COLA and whether there are any standard interview questions. Any help is much appreciated.
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Jay aktionjaq...I was interviewed on a Friday, and the following Monday, my references were contacted. A few days later, my application was frozen. The Monday after the references were checked is when I received the tentative offer. A word to the wise: check your spam email, as that is where my tentative offer went rather than my inbox, so it could hav...See More
May 23
haha Agreed. Everyone has their own story. We've heard everything from days to several months. Which is not particularly helpful to anyone wondering how their story will turn out.
May 23
Jay It took about two weeks.
May 23
Jay It took about two weeks.
May 23
Jay Update: Well, I am in the process of finalizing my offer...I think. I have submitted all the information for my background check and have my passport appointment tomorrow. So, I will keep hanging in there.
Jun 10

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