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I have been applying with DoDEA for 5 years, and I have had zero referrals. In fact, I have had zero emails regarding my DoDEA profile/application (aside from an HR email in response to a technical website question I had for them).

I am finishing up my 8th year of teaching. I am certified in Chemistry (5-Adult) and Math (5-Adult). I have taught Chemistry and AP Chemistry for 4 years, 2 of which were spent teaching in an international school setting. I have my preferred locations as basically anywhere ever (with only a few locations unchecked).

I can accept that I have less experience than many teachers. I can accept that I have no military connections and so no way to get a good word in with schools/admin. But I am competent in physical sciences and high school math. With education being in such a dire need for good teachers - especially STEM - I feel like I should have at least seen one or two referrals by now.

Anyone have any advice? Should I give up on D...See More
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Emily Chittenden In a very timely coincidence, I got a referral for a job today. I was checking my email to see if you (haha) had commented on my post, and saw the email about the referral.

In any case, thank you for the insight. I obviously now have a renewed optimism about sticking with it.
Apr 12
Emily Chittenden I hate that the comment button tricks me every time, and I end up commenting 76 times like a psycho.
Apr 12
haha LOL. Glad to hear it (about the referral part, not the psycho part). Yes, every time, I still need to click once, stop myself, open up a new tab, and then go to the site, refresh, and wait to check whether the new post is there).
Apr 12
uh89 There's something I recommend you consider doing that I did a couple of years ago that caused me to get WAY more referrals over the past 2 years and I've actually had about 5 principals contact me directly this past year asking if I would like to interview. (Note: I've had to turn down all of them due to needing to be here in the states for an elde...See More
Apr 19
IsItFriday? It's time to get a Masters degree.

A person is not really competitive in DoDEA without a Masters degree.

Not everyone has one. But if you want to be competitive, then get one.
Apr 20

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