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Recently had a in-person request about my employment path -- folks do read chat posts years into the past. I was unemployed -- save as a Toilet Paper Checkperson at a Texas Walmart. The store wanted a friendly face to stop cutomers buying more than 1 package of TP per trip. An USAJOBS search agent led to a job possibility with the US Department of Agriculture's USFS. Perhaps, the government hired me because of this unusual job.

I was hired by an US Forest Service School in the Coville National Forest to train 16-21 year olds "kids" in basic high school courses helping them certify as smoke-jumpers and forest fire fighters. After six months, DoDEA Japan offered me a Middle School position without an interview in Iwakuni Japan.

I am one of a few DoDEA teachers receiving both a Social Security Pension, FERS pension, and regular salary. I am not the oldest teacher in my school. I learned from older teachers, that you pay monthly into SS and FERS, The SS Pension is adjus...See More

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