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I started looking into DoDEA when I first got my teaching certificate 9 years ago, but because I already had a BA, I did the alternative teaching route to get it. I can say that I am one of the one's who has benefitted from the policy change that took place earlier this year. Over the past 10 days, I've received 11 referrals and 1 interview invite thus far (all elementary, CONUS and OCONUS), but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I've recently learned teacher transfers have ended (this was my #1 selling point), curriculum is lacking, some of the teaching practices are outdated, and that admin aren't always the most supportive. I know that each school is going to be different, but as a whole, is it still worth it?
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aktionjaq I have a teaching certificate in Florida, and because I did it through an alternative method, DODEA said that I needed specific classes on how to teach reading, language arts, math, and science. I found this interesting because I have an MA in curriculum and instruction, meaning I can design and implement curriculum, but still can't teach in DOD sc...See More
Apr 12
haha The same thing happened to me. I actually got a few interviews within the first year of applying to DoDEA, but a principal eventually told me that he would have loved to have hired me but knew that I would not make it through HR and probably shouldn't have even been getting onto their lists (I had experience and a 5 year state cert but had also gon...See More
Apr 13
GingerZin Thank you haha for trying to look for it. It looks like there is a post from March where the email was posted. It's really interesting. I'm hoping this is accurate because I would be able to add severl more certs if/when I apply again. It has always irked me that I was a Business major in school, am certified to teach business, but my program only ...See More
Apr 13
haha No problem. You can put in/update an application on EAS at any time. Sooner is usually better so that you can work through any bugs and/or supply any further information that they might require.
Apr 13
intrepidtravelr Please also be very mindful of the healthcare situation where you may end up. Things have gotten a lot worse for civilians in many areas overseas, and it's unnerving feeling like you can't get quality emergency care if needed, at a minimum, let alone ongoing specialist care.
Apr 16

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