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English, Theater, History,
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9th - 12th
I have worked with teens and their families for the past 30 years. I started serving as a public school teacher 10 years ago. I was blessed with a huge group of people who wanted me to succeed and provided the support, resources, and information I needed to thrive in a new career. Recently I was named "Secondary Teacher of The Year" for the third largest school district in Texas. My dream and wish are that every teacher could have a place to go and know they would receive the same quality of help, encouragement, and support that I have had, and that it will come with no strings attached, completely free. So I have begun setting up just such a place. I have started using what equipment I can scrape together and resources I can collect, borrow or construct as needed. Right now my focus is on Youtube content. You can see my progress here. https://goo.gl/EEpJhd I am also in the process creating a collection of articles, information, and resources that will benefit any teacher who uses them. These support materials cover a spectrum of various media and will require better technology than I have at my disposal to complete. I envision having a dedicated area to create these resources, the technology necessary and a platform that will tie all of the websites and resources together in one easily accessible place. With success, I see this branching into a second site providing the same quality of support encouragement and information for students in school as well.

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