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We completed a 30 mile group trading ride this morning. It was challenging but a strong sense of accomplishment followed. Next week is 36 miles and then reaching my goal for the summer - completing the big river ride the next week. I am ready for a nap.

Keep movin' everybody!
Elaine/ret/IN Men--30 miles. Amazing amazing amazing. How many were you doing when you started? Well-deserved nap.

10,655 steps today. I want to bottle this weather and release it in January.
Aug 13, 2017
men52 Hi. Elaine. Yes, this weather has been amazing. The freshmen and international students started arriving this weekend and in another week, we will have 40,000 people added to our population. I am glad that the new people are getting a great first impression of our town.

Yes, 30 miles is a LONG way from the 3 miles of the first training rid...See More
Aug 13, 2017

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