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Only 5438 steps, so far. Not feeling up to par this morning, but went to pt workout, ran errands, and took DM to hair appt. Now feel like taking a nap. lol Almost time to return to DMs for dinner and the night. Too much to do and not enough time to do it!! Maybe early bed time for me tonight.

Keep walkin' everyone!
Elaine/ret/IN Bev, I hope you're sleeping away your less-than-par-ness and wake up ready to roll tomorrow morning.

11,80 steps here today. I canned 5 quarts of beets today--from the farmer's market, from a friend, from my garden. That may be my last canning ever. A lot of work for only 5 quarts. On the other hand, they are beautiful. And, they will be t...See More
Sep 11, 2017
KSteacher Did you pickle the beets or can them plain?
Sep 12, 2017

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