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Happy New Year! I hope this year will be the best for everyone. I have laid off exercise for a few days. Enjoyed being home with dh (ds and hubby up for as few days to give me a break), dinner out last night and enjoyed the "black-eyed peas" for good luck today!

Counting steps tomorrow! Back to it! Let's keep movin' and groovin'.
men52 Happy New Year to you, too, Bev! I am glad to read that you are getting a much deserved break, but you are enthusiastic about returning to your exercise routine.

I thought I was asleep for the night until I was suddenly awakened to a spotlight shining into the room. It was bright enough to make me get up to check it out. It was "only" the ...See More
Jan 2, 2018
Elaine/ret/IN Bev, black-eyed peas sound yummy. Any day. I hope your hiatus refreshes your soul. You'll beer frequenting the PT place for sure in this weather. Men, you'll enjoy those few days at the end of the week. Catching up on exercise and little jobs will feel good. I love your Jack London reference. No exercise for me lately. We had constant and now we're...See More
Jan 2, 2018
men52 I am adding onto this thread although it's Wednesday. It felt like spring this morning since we were above 0 degrees. I put in 19 miles on the bike and am ready to relax the rest of my he day. School starts back tomorrow so we might try to get one more sledding hour in.

I have three more non school days before I go back in, but I have to ...See More
Jan 3, 2018

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