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Hello! So I am currently feeling extremely down due to being called to sub and I said no because I had an important doctors appt. I submitted paperwork to substitute teach and I was told they would call me to set up my account online/id and such. I hadn't received a call which they told me if I didn't by a certain date to call and I was going to but this morning out of nowhere today they called me to substitute teach today. I was firstly surprised because I hadn't got situated with the online process but I had to tell them no due to a doctors appointment. I felt extremely bad since that was the FIRST time I was ever called to sub in general. I hope this doesn't affect me, and I am just concerned that they probably already got a bad impression ): I really did want to sub just my appointment was extremely important so I declined. Will this affect me? Should I have done differently? I feel conflicted and super bad. Any feedback appreciated/ thank you in advance!
Linda Hello dalilabee! First, my personal and professional opinion is that no, your decision should not affect you--you should not have done differently (even in a permanent position, health should come first,) nor should you feel bad about your decision. That's because substitute teaching is usually like freelance work--you accept the work as you want t...See More
Jan 12, 2018
dalilabee Linda- thank you so much for your response! Truly I appreciate your words and the time you took to share your personal and professional opinion. I've been out of the job realm and I just panicked! Thank you sincerely, I called and got all situated and accepted my first substitute teaching job for this coming week, Lord willing it all goes well! God...See More
Jan 12, 2018
Linda My pleasure dalilabee, and good luck with your work!
Jan 17, 2018

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