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Hello I am an Australian school teacher about to take on a role home schooling 3 American primary (Kindergarten and Year 3) students in Indonesia running off the California Curriculum.

Yes you read that correctly!

I would like to know what subjects are mandatory learning at the kindergarten and year/grade 3 level.

Also I would like to try and find some teaching programs with suggested activities /resources linked to these standards.

Can anybody help?

Kind Regards,

Nick Hart
TXEducator Hello! I am an educator from Texas. I can tell you that a great place to start as far as what to teach the children are the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Those are the state standards, for all subject areas for students in public schools pre-k through 12th grade. You can find them on the Texas Education Agency's website. They cover all subj...See More
Feb 13, 2018

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