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I lead my first Novice/Senior cycle ride this morning! I had two experienced cyclists show to help me out. One gave me a helmet mirror and the other showed me how to do the miles and speed on Strava. We did nine miles at a 9.8mph speed. We had a group of six so it's a start. I had two people email me to say they were interested but couldn't come this time.

I am going to the state park Friday at a higher speed and longer routes with one of the experienced riders.I am sure she will push me to a higher level. Then Sat we will do 9 hours with this year's training group.I am getting into a routine now.

Elaine, that's great to be able to make up missed steps. I guess my goal is to ride 3-4 times a week with group rides and rest or other activities in between. The grands will all be out of school by tomorrow or Friday. Bike companions!
Elaine/ret/IN Wow, men, you are really doing this biking thing! How cool! You'll love the helmet mirror. I've had a few, but I always lose them. The grands will be so proud to be riding with GRAM! Yoga this morning. 10,457 steps. 11 miles on the bike. It only rained once today. Before 9:00. Hallelujah!
May 22, 2018

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