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I'm willing to help with resources for GKT (test taken on 1/26/2019). My strength is math, but I passed all of the other sections as well. I don't have the actual passages for the Reading section, but I do remember the passages and what the passages were about. I just received my essay score and I can give you the prompt, what I wrote about, and how I formatted it. I only used NavaEd to study for all sections.
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ss23 tulip_8900@hotmail.com Can you please share your prompt with me as well. Thanks
Mar 13
AP Where did you take the test and what passages? Thankyou
Mar 13
IRteacher19 @Lele19 thank you for the support. I miss the essay by 1 point and the ELS by 20 pts. Any guidance on the essay will definitely help. Thank you!!! My email is Negra919@gmail.com
tetou Hi Lele, can you please email me some info in math and essay please. esther1379@gmail.com
Mar 14
John please I need the prompts, im missing only the essay efficiencyforrent@gmail.com
Mar 15

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