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Hello guys, I am incredibly relieved. I just received my passing score on the Essay subtests. With that, I'm done with the GKT. Let me share with you my strategy for the dreaded essay subtest which allowed me to pass on the first try:

1) I am not a native English speaker. English is my 4th language. I have never studied English academically and I have been speaking it for 4 years only. Then IF I COULD DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!!!!!!

2) I began preparing my practice essays using Dr. Jasper's (Navaed) formula, but I soon realized that my essays were excessively long. I had to produce at least two tangible examples for each point...that was way too much. I kept looking for other experiences....then I come upon Learning Liaison on YOUTUBE.....this single video changed everything.

3) https://youtu.be/zsL2jr1l69A

really, use this link....use this blueprint and you will succeed. This produces a very concise and straight to the point essay. I do not think I did som...See More
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Repoxi Send me an email to repoxi.bb@gmail.com Yoyo.
Feb 15
Mary Repoxi please, can you send me an example of your writing, I am in the same boat. mvlopez2080@outlook.com
Feb 16
Grasfresco Dear Repoxi, many thanks to share your suggestions. I follow them. Yesterday I took my test in Miami Dade, the prompt was two strategies to support teacher mentorship programs. You had made my day with your recommendations.
Feb 19
og I appreciate it so very much. Thanks.
Feb 19
Al Thank u so much! I will try it!
Feb 19

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