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I just want motivate anyone that is still struggling with GKT essay. I have taken this test so many times that I have lost count, so if I can pass, we all can. Please don't give up. Every time you get knock down, just get back up. Lastly, please keep sharing the topics so that others can pass. That was how I passed and with the help of Navaed and Liason. I combined both of the techniques. Good luck to everyone
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Vanessa @magare my prompt was advatages and disadvantages of public speaking course
Jul 15
bebe which state did you took your test? @Vanessa
Jul 15
Avel @Vanessa, Do you know some tutor that can help me?
Jul 20
Avel @Vanessa, My email Rebeka.obregon@gmail.com
Jul 20
rbtasd2018 @Vanessa, English is my second language and its only this one that im missing. if you have any tips suggestions,pls intheclouds2018@gmail.com
Jul 21

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