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I'm taking the Reading FTCE in April on the 19th in Miami. If anyone takes the test before this date, could you help by placing your April Passages here? I will do the same as soon as I am done. One more thing, I am new to this: once you know which passages, where can I find them in order to prepare for the test? Thank you so much in advance!
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AMJO https://quizlet.com/12482180/harrison-bergeron-flash-cards/ Could be this one? First time I have heard of this passage
GreenTree Me too.
Vero Thank you GreenTree and AMJO! Are the passages different depending on the city you take the test?
AMJO I'm not sure if passages change . Ones I got for March were same as February. I didn't tree the post until after . I got 196
Vero Thank you Amjo :)

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