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Just passed my yesterday. Had Catalina, drama/censorship, women in stem, and the last page was graffiti/primate art.

I followed missRandom7 Quizlet. I reviewed all of her reading sets. I also used the tests at cracksat.net to refresh my inferring skills.

I also worked backwards, meaning I did the last passages first (the last 2 are shorter, so you aren't so anxious looking at the clock) and answered the easy questions (what does line 6 mean? What does lewd mean?) And marked where each passage started (it's easier to review at the end) then I finally read the passages. it took 5 mins to do this before reading, and I answered 11 questions before reading!! I even had an extra 15 mins to review my answers.

I also used the videos from Sarah Hall from learning liaison. Hope this helps ♥️
Maria2022 congratulations, Where did you take the test?
Feb 1, 2023
Tasha Sorry, I forgot to add that. I took the test in Brevard county.
Feb 2, 2023
Aug 13, 2023
Glad you passed your FTCE GKT reading! I also went through this, I spent so many nerves. Found personal narrative essays, used https://edubirdie.com/examples/personal-narrative-essays/ for that. It was very difficult, you can't argue, I retaken a couple of times. It's good that it's all in the past.
Aug 13, 2023

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