What has happened to Building Blocks?

    I am very discouraged right now. It seems like Building
    Blocks has almost slipped into oblivion! The BB chatboard
    is as good as inactive, maybe 1-2 posts a week. And there
    is little or no mention of BB on any of the 4 blocks
    websites. I have used BB for several years now, I won all
    the books and have read them several times, but at times
    (like right now!!) I need a little inspiration, so I go
    looking. Finding stuff on the web always gives me new
    ideas & a little wind in my sails, but it seems like what
    used to be out there about BB is gone, and nothing new is
    taking its place. Is there something going on with BB that I am unaware of?
    Do I need to start searching for a new literacy framework
    to use that has support available? I love BB, but it sure
    seems like it is becoming a little extinct.

    Please let me know if you know anything about this!


The Kinder Konnection