Re: How to start?

    On 5/11/07, Patti wrote:
    > I've danced around enough on this question...
    > I have just read some of the past articles from Cheryl
    > Sigmon's site, and figured out the real question I have.
    > Can I do Four Blocks on my own, in my classroom, if no
    > other teachers in my school use it? And short of finding a
    > workshop, what should I read this summer to get a good
    > start come September? I've used the F/P guided reading,
    > and I like what I read in bits and pieces on Four Blocks,
    > but don't want to jump in with both feet unless I can do
    > it on my own.
    > Thanks, and I hope I get this figured out soon, I'm tired
    > of trying tp piece together a reading program I like, and
    > works for the kids too.
    Most certainly, you can do it on your own! I was the Lone
    Wolf in my school when I started; others later joined in. I
    believe deb was a Lone Wolf in her building as well! Why
    wait around for everyone else to do what you know is right?
    And if you stumble, we're here to help.