Re: Schedule change effecting 4 blocks
busy (AKA) Lisa

    Thanks. The science lab is mostly hands on, but I think they have some big books and
    guided reading books they use throughout each unit. I actually NEVER see what they do
    except the last five minutes when I go to pick them up, but I do see the materials and
    know the unit, as they like us to try to integrate. It's pretty impossible, but they do like
    us to try. Social studies is actually more writing than reading. She reads the text book
    with them (but hastily because it is TOO HARD for most of the kids) and they have a
    product to produce each month for the bulletin board relating to social studies. Usually
    it's something like "my street is..." or "people that help my community are ___
    because___" she does a lot of prompts and guided writing that way, which isn't the
    same as journal writing. I think I will have to rotate. So do each for 30 minutes each day
    like usual but leave one out. That will probably work.
    I think starting with the one I didn't do the day before will be good as it will keep me on

    On 3/18/08, deb wrote:
    > I don't know how much reading the kids actually do in SS and
    > Science class, hopefully A LOT!
    > I would plan on this being a lot. My suggestion in this
    > situation would be to rotate your blocks
    > This is not a good solution.
    > I would teach
    > working with words every day
    > writing every day
    > self selected and guided reading on alternative days assuming
    > the kids ARE READING in SS and SCI
    > OR you could rotate all four
    > Monday SSR, Writing, GR
    > Tuesday Words, SSR Writing
    > Wedn GR, words ssr
    > are you noticing that you always START with what you did not do
    > the day before????
    > deb