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We used to have a 120 min; literacy block (when I do the 4 blocks) and 60 minutes for math.

Now our scores are back and the math went down this year. Admin wants us to do 90 min of math, and 90 min of literacy.

How can I fit all 4 blocks each day in 90 min? There really is no other time that i can use.

Our schedules are strictly monitored, and I can't take time from the other parts of the day. Everyone does math, literacy, science, social studies at the same time.
  • Busy Lisa /blockquote> Recess is scheduled by the admin. And K-2 have 2 recess times, 3-5 just have lunch recess. It just so happens my PE is right after recess. The 25 minutes at the end of the day is some businessy types of things, like packing bags, ...See More
    Mar 20, 2008 report post
  • Dawn/FL /blockquote> Just curious - Why two recess periods a day, especially since they are getting PE? Also, does it really take 25 minute to get them ready to go home? That seems like a lot. Maybe you can streamline what you are doing and fit in a...See More
    Mar 20, 2008 report post
  • busy (AKA) Lisa /blockquote> Thanks. The science lab is mostly hands on, but I think they have some big books and guided reading books they use throughout each unit. I actually NEVER see what they do except the last five minutes when I go to pick them up, but...See More
    Mar 18, 2008 report post
  • deb /blockquote> I don't know how much reading the kids actually do in SS and Science class, hopefully A LOT!I would plan on this being a lot. My suggestion in this situation would be to rotate your blocks This is not a good solution.I would ...See More
    Mar 18, 2008 report post
  • busy! /blockquote> My schedule:7:35-7:50 Breakfast... during this time they are in the classroom eating, but not everyone is there. The kids who are there eat and we usually play math or spelling games like hangman. I have 24 students, and 18 eat b...See More
    Mar 17, 2008 report post
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