Re: Please look over my schedule

    I agree that 20-25 min is too short for either writing or word
    work. I also think that when you run into scheduling/time
    issues, you have to look very carefully at each thing you are
    devoting time to during your day and ask yourself, "Why am I
    doing this?" You sometimes have to be willing to let go of some
    things in order to fill your time with more meaningful literacy
    experiences. Also, with the multilevel design of 4 blocks, you
    should be able to accomplish the same goals with a multi-age
    group that you would with a traditional class in about the same
    amount of time!!

    Looking at what you have, it seems that your available time for
    literacy is from 9:50 until 10:45, and 12:50 until 2:35. That's
    about 2 hrs and 45 min. That's plenty of time to all 4 blocks
    every day if you do 30 min blocks. If you want 45 min blocks,
    you could accomplish this by freeing up 15 min somewhere (maybe
    sentence of the day). That being said, here is my best stab at a
    schedule with what you have:

    9:50-10:35 Writing
    10:35-10:45 Word Wall (1st part of WWW block)
    12:50-1:15 Finish WWW
    1:15-1:45 SSR
    1:45-2:35 GR

    It's not ideal to split up a block, but the way your blocks of
    time fall, that may be the only way to do it.

    Here's one more suggestion:

    8:45-9:10 Math
    9:10-9:30 Morning Meeting
    9:30-10:10 GR
    10:10-10:45 SSR
    12:50-1:30 WWW
    1:30-2:10 Writing
    2:10-2:35 Time for end of the day routines or your sentence of
    the day or whatever else you need to squeeze in.

    I don't know if those will help you or not, but I hope they do!!
    Good luck!!

    Stephanie :)