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I need some "challenging" topics for a "how to" writing

Any ideas?

(This is for 10th-12th graders)
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Elizabeth /blockquote>

I'm seeing a lot of chat about teaching writing. There is a new online writing software
out now that takes care of all types of writing, uses the Six Traits and teachers are
telling me that it is the best thing since sliced bread! Go to [link removed].
Feb 28, 2007
Elizabeth /blockquote>

I know they don't want others to think they're bragging, so you may have to get
the ball rolling by describing something you like to do and have them question
you about it. They are much more interested in your life than you realize.

Then you could move from what you like to do to what they like to do to "C...See More
Apr 15, 2007
nina smith On 1/16/07, 6th grade L.A. wrote: > Technical writing! How to make a powerpoint, use something in > photoshop, excel. > > You could have them make a brocure instead of write a paper! > On 12/02/06, Ashley wrote: >> I need some "challenging" topics for a "how to" writing >> assignment. >> >> Any ideas? >>...See More
May 23, 2010
txteacher586 I think the first thing students need to know is how this assignment applies to them...

One day, I came into school with a tent. We pushed all the desks back and then I had them assemble the it, without the directions! Chaos ensued and then a really good discussion started to take place. What are these things? What are we supposed to have,...See More
Jul 5, 2010
Sue Ashley, A speaker at a literacy conference this week gave this example. She had her class survey the technological needs of residents of an assisted living/retirement center/nursing home. Then students composed step-by-step directions to: download photos, print docs/photos, send a text, etc. They published these 'tech helps' and delivered copies to...See More
Mar 21, 2011

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