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I really need some direction in how to teach the 6+1 Writing Traits. Last year was my first year in Language Arts and we adopted a new reading series that supports the traits. There was no formal plan for teaching writing prior to this; every teacher did his/her own thing. Although we went to a workshop on the traits, it didn't help much.

We use the Harcourt reading series and I'm going through the first two themes trying to plan my writing instruction. The traits are broken down and taught individually, it seems. Two chapters are devoted to each trait...in the order of voice, word choice, ideas, organization, etc.

Are the traits supposed to be taught separately?

One of my colleagues said that they should be taught altogether, as part of the writing process. She seems to simply point out, "This is what we mean by ideas" during the pre-writing stage, etc. I actually tried this during writer's workshop and didn't like it. It was as though I just glossed over ...See More
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txteacher586 To teach 6+1 Traits most effectively, you must first begin by illustrating how reading and writing are so closely related. They are the flip-side of each other. If I write a book, someone will read it. If I read a book, someone has written it. Once children and teachers realize that, it's easier to teach reading and writing as integrated activities...See More
Jul 30, 2009
Rita Take one trait. I usually start with Ideas. 1. Use the recommended book or find a children's book or short piece of writing that is a good example of the trait. Read it to the students. Ask students questions related to the traits. Go over the trait description and ask students to give you examples. (Model) 2. Have a quick write on a topic (15 minu...See More
Aug 1, 2009
teach4 Could you share the web address for th site with the mental pics? I would like to try looking at it. Thanks!
Aug 1, 2009
to Teach4th from O.P. I honestly don't remember the website. I tried doing a google search just now and the site didn't come up. It was basically just a description of each of the traits. I'm the one that developed the visual aids, they weren't on the site. I noticed that each description lent itself to a tangible prop, a mental image.

I believe it described "...See More
Aug 2, 2009
JM Dear ElemTeacher, Did you find anything that worked for you? I also teach 4th grade language arts and came upon a sweet little program to teach a daily trait lesson. I found "Daily 6-Trait Writing" by Evan-Moor. So far it has worked out really well for my class. I had to purchase it out of my own pocket, so was looking for something fairly inexpens...See More
Oct 6, 2009

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