Re: Caulkins and ELL students (small moments)
    Car LaC

    On 10/11/09, Cara wrote:
    > Does anyone have any suggestions for helping ELL (English
    > Language Learners) how to create small moments stories
    > when they can't even write english???
    > WHat should I have them do at workshop time??
    > All they do is draw pictures, is that enough?
    > HELP!!!
    > Thanks!

    I am having th esame issues. I've been getting picture books
    and showing them stories without words. THen had their
    paretns send in pictures of small moments (vacations, fav.
    places, etc.) They labeled poeple they were with, setting,
    etc. Drawing pictures is the start of learning language. Do
    they have a buddy in the class that speaks theri language??