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I am looking for clip art of sign language to use for sight words. I have several good ASL dictionaries at school but it is very time consuming to copy the words I want and then make cards out of them. I am interested in getting a CD rom called American Sign Language Clip and Create 4 (CD-ROM) but I wanted an opinion from someone who has used it. Is it worth the money? I think it might help some of my kids with severe retention problems.

  • Susan TenEyck Try modern signs press SEE Dictionary on CD-Rom. Will work on xp and vista, but needs Pro edition of windows 7 in order to work from xp on windows 7. If you have xp or vista, then you are good. Susan >> >> >> On 9/20/09, Kelly ...See More
    Jan 8, 2011 report post
  • ASL Teacher Thank you for your insight about a disk. One of many nice things about ASLdeafined is that it is ever changing and growing. A disk does not grow nor does it change. 20 years from now, your disk will still be... the same old disk. Everyone has the...See More
    Jul 16, 2010 report post
  • S.Long I saw your post regarding It is a nice site but the disk is transportable and a ONE TIME FEE for unlimited use. I do not sign up for monthly fee websites ever, whether they are for ASL or for any other use. I like the fact you buy ...See More
    Jun 18, 2010 report post
  • ASL Professor Hello, Have you ever considered checking out If not, please do. This will save you lots of time cutting and pasting. It is an amazing website that is 21st Century technology. I promise you will fall in love with it t...See More
    Feb 20, 2010 report post
  • S.Long Just saw your post! I own 2 versions. One for my office which still uses Windows XP and I bought the version for Vista. We love it here! I use it to make flash cards for my ASL classes, and I print the signs on 8x11 paper and laminate them for our ...See More
    Feb 19, 2010 report post

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