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Regarding positions at HQ, does anyone know the process and timeline once the interview has been conducted and your references have been contacted? Are you notified if you weren't selected? If so, how? I'm sure it's different than the process for interviewing with principals.
haha From what I hear the process is similar, I would say there is probably a wider range in the timeline. It seems that some HQ positions go a long time without being actually filled or are filled within hours/days. My advice would be the same as for teaching candidates, wait two weeks and then followup with whoever you interviewed with as you may or m...See More
Aug 8, 2017
JJJ123 I was interviewed in April 2016 on a Friday. I received a tentative offer the next week. It took a while to process the security paperwork, travel paperwork, and household goods shipment. My first day was in the middle of July.
Aug 12, 2017

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