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I have been reading this chatboard for a year now. I know many of you got jobs this year abroad. I wanted to know how it was going? Are you enjoying working abroad? How are your classses and how has the transition been with your family?
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rcoach TeacherMama! That's great! When did you arrive in Korea? Before school started?
Oct 10, 2017
TeacherMama K in Daegu Yes, early August. Thankfully we did, it gave us time to go to the base a million times to get anything done lol.

But it was hard bc there were no veteran teachers around and the admin was less than helpful.
Oct 12, 2017
rcoach That stinks. But you are all settled in now? We will probably be arriving overseas at Thanksgiving. I anticipate it will be just as chaotic since school has already started. Oh well...should be able to look back in several months and okay with all of the waiting and craziness.
Oct 12, 2017
EmilyG I LOVE IT! We are in Germany, and my kids are having a great time. I am so impressed with the schools here- my kids are getting a fabulous education at the DODEA schools. Because schools here are staffed quite well, the elementary school they attend has counselors, PE teachers, Art teachers, Host Nation teachers where they learn German culture and ...See More
Oct 13, 2017
Mary We are loving it in Japan. The entire family is here now (spouse and son were delayed travel to pack-out). My daughter likes her new high school.
Oct 20, 2017

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